Tint-Shop Products

Studies show that discomfort due to temperature causes driver vigilance to reduce. A report submitted by the Volvo Motor Corporation states that by increasing the cabin temperature from 21° to 27° Celsius, drivers miss 50% more signals presented in the first hour at the high temperature and response times were 22% slower.

Eye fatigue due to glare and UV also contributes to slower observations and reactions.

V-KOOL® eliminates these problems. Greater temperature comfort and reduced eye fatigue improve the vigilance and alertness of the driver. Reactions to emergencies are also improved. These factors contribute to significant improvement in road and driving safety.

Fuel economy resulting from reduced energy consumption of the vehicle air-conditioner puts you in stride with the environment conservation program.

Less fuel consumption translates into lesser air polluting emission. Conservation of fuel also reduces your monthly expenses.

A reduced load on the air-conditioner increases its life span and minimizes the frequency of regular maintenance. Also, less environmentally harmful CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbons) will be released into the atmosphere in line with the "green" movement.

The warranty card will be issues to all V-KOOL® car owners. The warranty card states the Product Warranty Conditions, Care & Maintenance, Point to remember for new installation and car owner particulars.

The car owners have to produce the Warranty Card upon any product Warranty Claim to the Tint-Shop Service Centres.